Find the Hidden Risk. Control the Massive, Avoidable Cost.

Inside most health plans is a population of members who have an undetected, misdiagnosed or uncontrolled autoimmune disease — and, therefore, represent a massive and guaranteed financial risk to the plan.

Based on national prevalence, 16% of your plan members will have one of the autoimmune diseases or related conditions we predict, detect, and monitor.

Analytics: Vigilance and Accuracy

IQuity is a data analytics company delivering unique, actionable detail to employers and payers to address the massive, hidden and expensive autoimmune disease risk in their plan.

We detect. We correct. We continuously monitor your population to anticipate disease progression allowing you, your members, and the providers in your plan to be proactive.

How We Do It

Tackling autoimmune disease quickly and accurately requires the clinical judgment and investigative mind of an immunologist AND the analytical speed, scale and efficiency of machine learning.

IQuity is one of the few companies in the world that has both. That’s what sets us apart.


Client sends healthcare claims and other structured data


IQuity layers its proprietary data + social determinants of heath


IQuity trains, tests and optimizes to uncover patterns and score populations


IQuity delivers actionable detail to plans and individual results to providers/patients


Plans identify risk, improve quality, and reduce medical spend

The Bottom Line: Significant cost savings opportunity
in autoimmune disease and related conditions


Average total healthcare
spend PMPY

$15K – $125K

Range of autoimmune
spend PMPY


Savings potential on annual
autoimmune spend


Projected ROI using
IQuity’s platform

Find and Fix Your
Autoimmune Problem

In a 10,000-member population:

  • 16% have one of the diseases and conditions we detect and monitor.
  • They cost your plan almost $12 million.
  • Your cost savings could be as high as $1.7 million.
  • Misdiagnosis cost could be as high as $400,000 of that total.
  • 25% of claims are categorized with ill-defined codes and some of that population will likely have an autoimmune disease.

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