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If you suspect you or a loved one might have an autoimmune disease or condition, download our brochure and talk with your provider. And, we'd like you to join our community to stay up-to-date on our progress.

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IsolateMS - now available

IsolateIBS-IBD - fall 2017

IsolateFibromyalgia - late fall 2017

Autoimmune Disease Dilemma

There are over 80 different autoimmune diseases affecting 50 million Americans. Most are hard to diagnose, leaving patients waiting for answers for months to years while their organ systems are irreparably damaged.

The current conventional methods for diagnosis at the earliest stages of disease are inconsistent and costly, involving repeated diagnostic testing and multiple provider visits. These testing methods struggle to accurately deliver a definitive diagnosis at the early in the disease progression. IQuity's Isolate tests give providers a new tool to rule in or rule out a suspected diagnosis, delivering actionable information at the earliest sign of symptoms, in as little as 7 days. This allows providers to move forward with a treatment plan or pursue additional diagnostic work-ups.

At IQuity, we understand the difficult, lengthy and costly journey patients face when healthcare providers suspect an autoimmune disease. We know the diagnostic uncertainty brings fear and anxiety for patients and their families. We are working to give providers information at the earliest clinical time points so they can deliver the right care at the right time and improve the quality of life of their patients.

About IQIsolate

IQuity’s proprietary process, IQIsolate, utilizes machine learning methods to develop a suite of algorithms that analyze expression of RNA markers detected in a simple blood sample to give your provider a Yes or No confirmation of a suspected illness. RNA is different from DNA – a term you are probably most familiar with. RNA expression looks at what is going on in your body in real-time, while changes in DNA indicate the potential risk of disease. The Isolate test panels, with IQIsolate as their foundation, can distinguish among diseases in a given medical specialty – for example, the IsolateIBS-IBD panel can differentiate between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Within IBD, this test can accurately distinguish Crohn’s from ulcerative colitis. The IQIsolate process takes one week and delivers results to your provider with greater than 90% accuracy.

The Value of Early Diagnosis

IQuity's Isolate test panels give doctors a timely, accurate tool to either rule in or rule out a suspected diagnosis and provide patients with the answers they are desperately trying to uncover. Current methods for diagnosing autoimmune disease and related conditions involve multiple physician visits and procedures performed over months and often years to reach a definitive diagnosis. With the Isolate tests, providers can obtain a highly accurate result at the earliest onset of symptoms, in as little as 7 days.

There is also evidence that when diagnosed and treated early, relapses are often less severe and less frequent than when patients begin receiving treatment in later stages of the disease.

Less Cost

For many patients, it can take months to years to get a definitive diagnosis of an autoimmune disease and the costs associated with multiple physician visits and a battery of tests can total tens of thousands of dollars.

Easy for Patient

Your provider must order the Isolate test for you. The test involves a simple blood draw and measures RNA data to identify gene expression patterns consistent with a specific disease or condition, using IQuity’s proprietary suite of algorithms.

Quick & Accurate

IQuity's CLIA-certified laboratory delivers a result that is more than 90% accurate at the earliest onset of symptoms. Your provider receives a yes or no result within 7 days, enabling confirmation of a suspected autoimmune disease or condition.

Living with Autoimmune Disease

At some point, you realize your body is not functioning as it should. Using MS as an example, early symptoms may be general, such as weakness, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating, making autoimmune diseases like MS difficult to recognize. Following the initial symptoms reported to your provider, there may be a long journey of physician visits and tests to pinpoint which of the almost 80 different autoimmune conditions you might have, all of which affect you differently.

So, how do get the answers you need as soon as possible so that you get the right treatment? The first step is an accurate diagnosis at the earliest possible stage of your disease. Talk with your doctor about IQIsolate and the Isolate test panels – the newest tool for your physician to get actionable information to support the suspicion that you have an autoimmune disease or condition. Once your diagnosis is made, there can be a flood of emotions… relief that there is something real to treat, fear of what this means for your future, frustration – why me? The good news is, studies show that when diagnosed and treated early, these conditions can be better managed and can produce better long-term outcomes.

If you suspect that you have an autoimmune disease, it's very important to see your medical provider to identify your specific disease or condition and get started on the appropriate course of treatment as soon as possible. Autoimmune diseases and related disorders are treatable. But they are chronic conditions, and organ damage is typically irreversible. Today’s treatments are very effective in slowing disease progression.