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IQuity's Isolate tests must be ordered by a licensed provider.

Test Availability

IsolateMS™ - July 2017 • IsolateIBS-IBD™ - fall 2017 • IsolateFibromyalgia™ - Late fall 2017

Initially, IQuity's tests will not be available for patients in the following states: California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New York. It is unlikely that IQuity will be licensed in New York in the next twelve months, but the other states will come online as we obtain licensure in these states. Check back regularly for updated availability.

Pay for your Test

You may not pay for a test without a valid provider order. IQuity will email you when your order is ready for processing of your payment.

To pay for your test, you must have the Requisition ID provided to you by your provider at the time of the order, your date of birth and last name.

Once logged in to pay, you will be asked to confirm your ordering information, accept the privacy policy and engage with the payment system.

At any time, if you need assistance, please contact IQuity Customer Care at 877-896-9582 with questions.

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