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IQuity builds first data analytics platform to help payers find and fix their addressable autoimmune disease risks

Nashville start-up IQuity recently asked themselves a key question: “How can we leverage our data science knowledge and disease experience in a bigger way?” After all, the company that Spurlock founded is built on more than a decade of machine learning expertise with genomic data across multiple autoimmune diseases. The answer was to build the first data analytics platform to help payers – insurance companies, self-insured enterprises, and their Third-Party Administrators – find and fix their addressable [...]

IQuity Introduces Healthcare Analytics Platform

Machine learning platform predicts, detects and monitors chronic disease across patient populations. Former WPC Healthcare/Intermedix executives, Ray Guzman and Damian Mingle, named advisors for new platform.

IQuity Shifts From Test-Maker To Data Miner And Analyzer

IQuity is developing a health-care analytics platform that will mine large databases to predict and monitor chronic disease across large populations, transforming the company from a genomics test-maker to an "integrated data science company."

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Predictive Analytics: How Big Data Will Improve Outcomes and Efficiencies in Diagnosing and Treating Patients

A growing body of research in the exciting field of predictive and prescriptive analytics suggests that if you input large datasets—drawn from millions of healthcare claims or electronic medical records, for example—sophisticated algorithms can identify patterns that deliver meaningful diagnostic information for patients with a wide range of conditions. These [...]

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