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IQuity's Isolate tests must be ordered by a licensed provider. You must first register for an IQuity account using the form provided by clicking the right link below. Your NPI number will be confirmed at the time of enrollment.

Test Availability

IsolateMS™ - July 2017 • IsolateIBS-IBD™ - fall 2017 • IsolateFibromyalgia™ - Late fall 2017

Initially, IQuity's tests will not be available for patients in the following states: California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New York. It is unlikely that IQuity will be licensed in New York in the next twelve months, but the other states will come online as we obtain licensure in these states. Check back regularly for updated availability.

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IQuity’s Isolate tests deliver information to providers to confirm a suspected autoimmune diagnosis with greater than 90% accuracy – in as little as 7 days. Tests for multiple sclerosis, IBS vs. IBD and fibromyalgia are coming soon.

Based on over 12 years of research in the lab at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, funded by the NIH, the Isolate tests can be used by providers at the earliest onset of symptoms.

Contact us using the form to learn more about the history of the research in autoimmune disease. Someone from our team will follow up to discuss our tests with you further.