AI Experts Advising IQuity

The leaders of local health care data company, IQuity, have recruited two well-known local tech executives to help them develop their new data mining and analytics platform.   READ MORE
Venture Nashville - IQuity News

Venture Notes

IQuity, an integrated data-sciences company in Nashville, said it has added to its bench healthtech advisors Ray Guzman and Damian Mingle, both previously with WPC Healthcare, which recently sold to Intermedix. IQuity, led by CEO Chase Spurlock PhD, recently launched a new data analytics platform. READ MORE

Machine Learning Platform Can Accurately Predict Onset of MS, Maker Says

IQuity, a data analytics company, announced the launch of an analytics platform that uses machine learning to predict, identify, and monitor chronic disease within large populations of patients, including multiple sclerosis (MS). The platform was validated using a pilot study that assessed the healthcare claims of 20 million people in New York, which encompassed four billion data points. IQuity focused on using these data to predict the onset of MS. READ MORE

IQuity Launches Healthcare Analytics Platform

IQuity, a Nashville-based data analytics company that specializes in predicting, detecting and monitoring chronic disease, today announced the launch of a revolutionary data mining and analytics platform that will predict and monitor chronic diseases within large populations. READ MORE

Using Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Healthcare

The healthcare industry has firmly embraced big data, but it will be machine learning and deep learning applied to big data that will drive innovation over the next decade. Skilled medical researchers and physicians will always be at the heart of healthcare. The future, however, will see a larger role for interdisciplinary teams of clinicians, READ MORE

Raising Fibromyalgia Awareness: Here’s to a Proper Diagnosis

Obtaining a timely and accurate diagnosis of this complex, chronic pain disorder can be difficult. Knowing what to expect at the doctor’s office may ease the process. Plus: A new blood test offers hope. As we head into National Fibromyalgia Awareness day – May 12 – Practical Pain Management spoke with Dr. David A. McLain, READ MORE