Multiple Sclerosis RNA Test - IQuity

Multiple Sclerosis RNA Test [VIDEO]

Dr. Jonathan Merril speaks with Dr. Charles Spurlock, CEO of Iquity Speciality Diagnostics company in Nashville, TN about the research the company does and the Multiple Sclerosis RNA test developed. READ MORE

Blood Test for Multiple Sclerosis Set to Launch in May

A new blood test will allow physicians to speed up the process of diagnosing multiple sclerosis (MS). Set for release next month, IQuity's new Isolate MS test uses IQ Isolate technology to analyze a patients RNA expression data from a single blood sample to identify the presence or absence of disease at the cellular level. READ MORE
Nashville Post Press Hit for IQuity

Of Note: IQuity lands $150K NIH grant for autoimmune disease research

Nashville-based IQuity — which analyzes RNA data to develop tools that help physicians diagnose autoimmune diseases — has received a $150,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health’s Small Business Innovation Research program. The grant will help fund IQuity’s ongoing research into long non-coding RNAs and their usefulness in distinguishing fibromyalgia from rheumatic diseases including READ MORE