About IQuity

About IQuity

IQuity, Inc. is a data science company using genomic and proprietary healthcare datasets to detect and monitor chronic disease. At IQuity, we developed game-changing blood tests using RNA data (genomic) to accurately identify autoimmune disease earlier than current, conventional testing methodologies. The application of data science and machine learning is the core of our business and drives our technological development.

IQuity offers three blood tests to help providers diagnose multiple sclerosis, IBS/IBD-Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, and fibromyalgia with greater than 90 percent accuracy. Disease activity and monitoring tests are currently in development and planned for release later in 2018. The analytics platform focused on population-level analytics for the prediction, detection, and monitoring of chronic disease will be made available later in 2018.


IQuity’s mission is to relentlessly pursue innovation in specialized diagnostic and analytic technology to identify complicated autoimmune and autoimmune-related diseases at the earliest signs of disease.

  • Enable providers to diagnose early and treat sooner in the disease progression
  • Lower the overall cost of life-long autoimmune disease
  • Minimize patient uncertainty and fear, which is often associated with traditional, protracted testing methodologies

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Chase Spurlock, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Julia Polk

Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Kathy Gill

Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Drew Harmata, PhD

Director of Operations

Business Advisors

Don Hardison

President & CEO
Biotheranostics, Inc.
IQuity Board Member

Ray Guzman

Chief Executive Officer
SwitchPoint Ventures

Damian Mingle

Chief Data Scientist
Switchpoint Ventures

Scientific Advisors

Thomas M. Aune, PhD

IQuity Co-Founder and Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University

Subramaniam Sriram, M.D.

Professor of Neurology and Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Leslie J. Crofford, M.D.

Director, Division of Rheumatology & Immunology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Nancy J. Olsen, M.D.

Chief of Rheumatology, Professor of Medicine at Penn State M.S. Hershey Medical Center