Game-changing innovations in autoimmune disease

The Science

Diagnose Faster

Across many autoimmune diseases, reaching a diagnosis can be a complicated journey spanning months to years. Our research shows that IQIsolate may significantly shorten that timeline. 

Treat Sooner

For many autoimmune diseases, appropriate treatment at the earliest detection of disease can lead to optimal health outcomes. Our research demonstrates that IQIsolate identifies disease at the earliest onset of symptoms.


Improve Lives

Detecting disease early, implementing appropriate treatment plans at the right time and effectively managing chronic autoimmune conditions offers patients the opportunity to get back to living life.

IQuity’s Breakthrough Autoimmune Technology

At IQuity, we’ve developed IQIsolate, a game-changing suite of algorithms that can detect the presence or absence of autoimmune disease by analyzing RNA expression data from a patient’s blood sample. With an analytical accuracy rate of 93%, the technology will deliver providers a blood-based test that can identify an autoimmune disease, such as MS, at the earliest onset of symptoms. This technology is a significant advancement, adding a new tool to current diagnostic processes that can speed time to diagnosis or referral for additional diagnostic workup.

This technology was developed through 10 years of research and supported by private investment and funding from the National Institutes of Health.

“Multiple Sclerosis (MS) remains a clinical diagnosis, and the certainty of the diagnosis is enhanced by imaging and electrodiagnostic studies. Any test which will increase the certainty of an MS diagnosis is of value to the treating physician. The results are likely to influence both making the diagnosis of MS and in implementing therapies that benefit the patients.”

Subramaniam Sriram, MD,
Director, MS Center,
Vanderbilt University Medical Center