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Neurology - Gastroenterology - Rheumatology

The Science

Diagnose Faster

Across many autoimmune diseases, reaching a diagnosis can be a complicated journey spanning months to years. Our research shows that IQIsolate will significantly shorten that timeline.

Treat Sooner

Treatments for autoimmune diseases are highly effective in reducing long term damage. IQIsolate identifies disease at the earliest onset of symptoms allowing for early treatment.

Improve Lives

Detecting disease early, implementing appropriate treatment plans at the right time and effectively managing chronic autoimmune conditions offers patients the opportunity to get back to living life.

IQuity's Breakthrough Autoimmune Technology

IQIsolate® is a suite of algorithms utilizing machine learning methods that analyze expression of RNA markers detected in a simple blood sample. IQuity has developed RNA-based diagnostic technologies for autoimmune disease and related disorders in neurology, gastroenterology and rheumatology, three specialties that serve a majority of autoimmune patients.

IQuity’s technology, IQIsolate analyzes RNA expression data from a blood sample to identify the presence or absence of disease at the cellular level. RNA expression is representative of presence of disease in real time, while changes in DNA indicate potential risk of disease. IQIsolate can distinguish among diseases in a given specialty – the gastroenterology panel can distinguish between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Within IBD, this technology can accurately distinguish Crohn’s from ulcerative colitis. The IQIsolate process takes one week and delivers results with greater than 90% accuracy.

IQuity is firmly committed to data transparency and scientific peer review, and will perform its tests in its independent CLIA certified lab.

“RNA-based diagnostics have the capability of providing highly accurate information that improves patient stratification. Measurements of RNA allow us to uncover a snapshot of gene activity in real time. This enables us to identify disease earlier than ever before. It is generally accepted that patients who get the right treatment sooner have improved long-term outcomes.”

Dr. Tom Aune, Chief Science Officer

Autoimmune Disease

There are over 80 different autoimmune diseases affecting 50 million Americans. Most are hard to diagnose, leaving patients waiting for answers for months to years while their organ systems are irreparably damaged. The current conventional methods for diagnosis at the earliest stages of disease are inconsistent and costly, involving repeated diagnostic testing and multiple provider visits. Conventional testing methods struggle to offer a yes or no; and, a negative result is as impactful as a positive result because it allows providers to focus on other diseases that explain patient symptoms.

IQuity's IQIsolate delivers a highly accurate result at the earliest sign of symptoms giving peace of mind to both patients and providers. 

Our Research

This test was built on more than 2,500 patient samples from around the globe. Using machine learning methods, researchers were able to distinguish specific autoimmune diseases and related conditions among these enrolled subjects:

  • Healthy control subjects
  • Patients prior to diagnosis who are then followed in the EMR
  • Patients with disease prior to treatment
  • Patients with established disease
  • Patients with other inflammatory and non-inflammatory neurologic, gastrointestinal and rheumatologic diseases and disorders
2,500 patients recruited across multiple branches of medicine. Samples from healthy subjects and patients with disease were used for the studies.


Facing a Future with an Autoimmune Disease

When we were launching IQuity, I made an intentional effort to talk with people who had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I wanted to know what I couldn’t find out in the lab – like how it feels to learn you have a life-altering, incurable disease. After all, how you feel about something determines what you do about it. IQuity makes it possible to know quite quickly, and with a high degree of confidence, whether that tingling in your leg is simply because you sat with your legs crossed too long or is an early symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS).

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