We Find and Fix
Autoimmune Disease
Faster Than Anyone


Detect the Disease. Arrest the Progression. Avoid the Cost.

In most health plans, there is a population with undetected, misdiagnosed or uncontrolled autoimmune disease representing a massive and guaranteed financial risk.

There are two things you need to know about autoimmune disease.

They are vortex diseases: incurable, corrosive, and exhausting. The longer they go on, the deeper the pain and suffering for the patient and the greater the expense to the health plan.

They are decoy diseases: tricky, deceptive and they mimic other diseases, so they are uniquely hard to detect.

Autoimmune Disease: The Invisible Epidemic

The Autoimmune Disease Problem


  • Early, accurate diagnosis is difficult.
  • Diagnosis can take 3-5 years using conventional methods.
  • Misdiagnosis is common – as high as 35%.
  • Patients are not routinely monitored for changes in disease progression or severity which could help avoid costly adverse events.

The Autoimmune Cost Problem

In a 10K member plan:

  • The average cost for the diseases and conditions we detect and monitor is more than $11 million.
  • Cost savings could be as high $1.6 million annually if we impact just 50% of the identified patients.
  • Misdiagnosis can save as much as $400K in the first year.
  • 25% of claims are categorized with ill-defined
    diagnosis codes and some will likely have
    an autoimmune disease we can identify.

Left undetected, misdiagnosed, or uncontrolled, the extraordinary, irreversible, and avoidable damage to this population isn’t something that might happen. It is something that will happen, or is already happening now, and no one has a way to be proactive.

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