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Where Science Meets Data Science

Unlocking the Hidden Value in Genomic & Healthcare Data

It’s not enough to have access to big data – you must have the ability to make meaningful decisions based on the information. IQuity’s expertise in RNA analytics and machine learning delivers novel innovations to stakeholders across the healthcare continuum seeking answers in autoimmune disease. The introduction of population analytics is a natural extension of the RNA blood testing services and supports the doctor-patient relationship while delivering value to payers, pharmaceutical companies, and care management organizations.

Big Data Decoded

What we now do with genomic data – one patient at a time – is being applied to patients at a population level. We’re using machine learning and data science to pinpoint patterns in our population datasets comprised of billions of data points. We decode this information to detect and monitor disease helping providers, payers, and the pharmaceutical industry make informed decisions that improve patient care, drive the creation of new therapies and reduce costs associated with managing patients with chronic disease.

Payers | Pharmaceutical | Care Management

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Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Highly accurate RNA blood tests for autoimmune diseases and related conditions. These tests can help providers diagnose at the earliest sign of symptoms.

Multiple Sclerosis | IBS-IBD | Fibromyalgia

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